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ZRA Stops Smuggling of 80,000 Litres of Ethanol

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) recently intercepted a significant amount of ethanol, totaling 80,000 litres, that was being smuggled into the country. The ethanol, falsely declared as hydrogen peroxide, was discovered during inspections, revealing an attempt to conceal the true nature of the product.

The ethanol was cleverly packed in 80 drums, each containing 1000 litres. Investigations into the smuggling operation uncovered that the same consignment had been declared as ethanol in Botswana, indicating a coordinated effort to deceive authorities. 

Notably, the drums on the trucks bore stickers labeling the contents as hydrogen peroxide, further emphasizing the deliberate attempt to mislead.

The estimated loss in revenue resulting from this fraudulent activity is reported to be K3.1 million. Ethanol is a key raw material in the production of excisable products, and smuggling not only distorts customs data for trade purposes but also leads to revenue loss and unfair trade competition.

The Zambia Revenue Authority, in collaboration with other government agencies, is actively engaged in combating illicit trade. To achieve this, the authority has implemented robust techniques, including intelligence surveillance, investigations, and prosecution of unscrupulous traders.

Taxpayers are strongly encouraged to fulfill their tax obligations and comply with tax laws to avoid punitive enforcement measures, including prosecution. 

ZRA aims to build trust among taxpayers by facilitating compliance and improving the overall taxpaying experience through the provision of courteous and professional services. The authority remains dedicated to ensuring fair trade practices and safeguarding the country’s economic interests.

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