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Ministry of Education Unveils 2022–2026 Strategic Plan for an Educated and Skilled Nation

Hon. Douglas Syakalima, the Education Minister, ceremoniously launched the Ministry of Education’s ambitious 2022–2026 strategic plan at the Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka. Aligned with the 8th national development agenda, the plan underscores the crucial role of human and social development in Zambia.

Hon. Syakalima underscored the plan’s commitment to universal education principles, ensuring equal opportunities for education irrespective of social class, race, gender, sexuality, ethnic background, or physical and mental disabilities. 

The overarching goals include providing affordable vocational training, eliminating gender and wealth disparities, and achieving universal access to quality education.

The minister emphasized the integration of lessons from previous plans, such as the 2017–2021 education and skills sector plan, Education Sector Analysis, and other strategic documents. This iterative approach aims to build upon past achievements effectively.

The ministerial mission, “to provide accessible, inclusive, equitable, and quality education that enables individuals to attain their full potential and contribute to national development,” forms the guiding principle of the plan. 

Hon. Syakalima highlighted the government’s commitment to implementing the education for all policy, making tertiary education accessible, and ensuring social justice without exclusion.

Syakalima stressed the consultative and participatory nature of the plan’s development, involving key stakeholders to ensure inclusiveness and accountability. The plan envisions a nation characterized by a well-educated, highly skilled, healthy labor force, and productive citizens, aligning with the country’s vision for 2030.

The plan extends its focus to strengthening and transforming the education sector through adequate policy and legal frameworks. It encompasses leadership and governance components to support effective education service delivery, including the establishment of a robust oversight and governance system.

To evaluate performance, the minister revealed that the plan was developed alongside a monitoring and evaluation framework. Syakalima reassured partners of the Ministry’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and prudent resource utilization.

Ms. Noriana Muneku, Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary-Administration, described the launch as a historic event, marking the culmination of extensive collaboration with partners and stakeholders. 

She emphasized that the plan aims to enhance the education system by providing accessible, inclusive, equitable, and quality education at all levels, enabling individuals to reach their full potential.

The launch of the Ministry of Education’s 2022–2026 Strategic Plan sets clear priorities for the coming years, reflecting a shared vision, mission, and values in the education sector. #moecommunication

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