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Ministry of Community Development Launches 2023-2026 Strategic Plan for Socio-Economic Transformation

The Ministry of Community Development and Social Services has marked a noteworthy milestone in advancing socio-economic transformation and enhancing livelihoods through the official launch of its strategic plan for the period 2023-2026. 

The launch event, held in Lusaka, featured a key address by Ms. Doreen Mwamba, the Minister of Community Development and Social Services, who underscored the imperative of concerted efforts from all stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of the plan.

During the launch, Minister Mwamba highlighted that the strategic plan is designed to guide and enhance the performance of the Ministry, aligning with the government’s broader agenda of socio-economic transformation. 

She expressed confidence that the new plan will contribute to the successful execution of the Ministry’s mandate, emphasizing its vision for becoming an innovative model of excellence for basic social protection services.

“The Strategic plan envisions the Ministry to be an innovative model of excellence for basic social protection services,” Ms. Mwamba stated, underscoring the importance of collective efforts in achieving set objectives.

Minister Mwamba called on all stakeholders to continue their support, emphasizing the crucial role they play in meeting the targets outlined in the strategic plan. 

The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Ms. Angela Kawandami, outlined the critical focus areas of the plan, including Basic Social Protection Services, Coordination Excellence, Innovation and Communication Excellence, and Operational Excellence.

Director of the Department of Planning and Information, Mr. Patrick Choolwe, shared insights into the previous strategic plan, noting that the Ministry achieved an average performance of 51%. 

He attributed this success to the support received from stakeholders, the development of the Zambia Integrated Social Protection Information System (ZISPS), and the undertaking of Social Protection Joint Annual Reviews.

As the Ministry sets its sights on the new strategic plan, there is a collective anticipation that the outlined focus areas will contribute significantly to enhancing the delivery of social services and fostering positive socio-economic change in Zambia. The launch marks a pivotal step in aligning the Ministry’s efforts with the broader national development agenda.

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