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Lusaka City Council Strongly Condemns Unlawful Road Closure for Music Video Shoots

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has expressed serious concern over a growing trend where artists are flouting the law by illegally closing roads for the purpose of shooting music videos. 

The latest incident involved the closure of sections of the Great East Road, specifically at Mandahill traffic lights, last week, without prior engagement with the Local Authority.

In an official statement issued by Nyambe Bulumba, Assistant Public Relations Manager for the Lusaka City Council, it was clarified that no permits were granted to the individuals responsible for the road closure. The LCC emphasized that artists should adhere to legal procedures and obtain the necessary permits before undertaking such activities.

The council expressed disappointment that artists, who are expected to be advocates for lawfulness, are resorting to breaking the law without consulting the responsible institution. The illegal road closure not only violated regulations but also inconvenienced motorists and the general public.

Mr. Bulumba highlighted that, when the LCC issues permits for such activities, notices are consistently published on various media platforms, including social media, to inform the public and allow for proper planning. The failure of artists to follow these procedures is considered a breach of the law.

He has warned artists to refrain from disregarding the regulations governing events that involve road closures. Mr. Bulumba emphasized the negative impact of such actions, as they set a precedent that may encourage others to engage in similar unlawful activities.

The Local Authority asserted its commitment to taking all necessary measures within its means to address and curtail this alarming trend. 

Mr. Bulumba concluded with a reminder that the issuance of permits is a legal requirement, and artists must comply to ensure the safety and convenience of the public.

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