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Government Urges Citizens to Address  Concerns  through Proper Channels

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) has called on citizens to adhere to correct procedures when expressing grievances, emphasizing the importance of maintaining open communication rather than resorting to unlawful actions.

In a statement issued by Chila Namaiko, the Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Permanent Secretary (Technical Services) Mr. Nicholas Phiri expressed deep concern over instances where citizens, dissatisfied with perceived ineffective service delivery, have taken matters into their own hands by closing Council Offices. 

Mr. Phiri highlighted that the Ministry maintains an open-door policy for citizens and stakeholders to voice their concerns, ensuring a platform for dialogue.

Asserting the Ministry’s responsibility to protect workers in the execution of their lawful duties, Mr. Phiri stated that all 116 Local Authorities play a vital role in delivering public services to citizens. 

He urged against disrupting public services over misunderstandings, emphasizing that closing Council offices is not only unlawful but also retrogressive and unacceptable.

To foster improved communication, Mr. Phiri called upon Local Authorities to invest in and intensify engagement with citizens and stakeholders. 

Additionally, he encouraged businesses to utilize Electronic Government Procurement (EGP) Platforms as a means to streamline the procurement process and reduce human interference.

Addressing a specific incident on December 12th, 2023, where residents of Sinda District in Eastern Province closed the offices of Sinda Council due to perceived poor service delivery, Mr. Phiri implored stakeholders, including Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), to channel their grievances through rightful offices and established channels.

The Ministry remains committed to resolving concerns through constructive dialogue and urged citizens to cooperate in ensuring the smooth delivery of public services without resorting to disruptive actions.

Mr. Chila Namaiko, the Public Relations Officer emphasized the importance of upholding legal procedures and fostering open communication to address grievances effectively.

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