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Zambia’s SME Sector Anticipates Exponential Growth  

A recent launch of a comprehensive SME policy is poised to propel the nation’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) into a phase of unprecedented growth. 

Economic analyst Mr. Kelvin Chisanga emphasizes the need for a dynamic policy approach, particularly focusing on expanding trade systems and fostering a conducive environment for export-led growth.

Mr. Chisanga, in a statement following the policy launch, highlights the crucial role of both trade and SME policies in achieving tangible economic outcomes. 

According to him, Zambia requires a substantial policy shift, one that directs attention towards stimulating productive investments among the country’s business community.

“This nation needs a total dynamic shift in terms of policy stimulation, which should aim to focus and gravitate towards triggering productive investment among the business citizens of Zambia,” Mr. Chisanga asserts.

Recognizing the importance of a holistic strategy, Mr. Chisanga calls for a robust policy framework that revolves around trade and commerce. 

He underscores the necessity of a concerted effort in both financial and non-financial aspects, emphasizing the integration of growth-oriented perspectives, drive, and aspirations into the wider political economy of business and investment.

The economic analyst further stresses the urgency of incentivizing a broader scope of trade systems, believing that such measures will contribute significantly to the success of the policy initiative. 

He advocates for a comprehensive approach that not only addresses financial considerations but also incorporates non-financial solutions to foster a thriving business environment.

As Zambia positions itself for economic transformation, the SME sector anticipates a period of sustained growth and development, driven by innovative policies that aim to create a conducive ecosystem for business expansion and export-led prosperity. 

With Mr. Kelvin Chisanga’s insights guiding the conversation, the nation awaits the realization of its economic aspirations through strategic and dynamic policy measures.

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