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Government Demonstrates Commitment to Youth-Led ICT Innovation Activities

The Ministry of Technology and Science in Zambia, under the leadership of Minister Felix Mutati, has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and youth-led development process. 

Minister Mutati emphasized the significance of the ongoing “Youth Think Outside the Box” interventions, designed to overcome challenges and propel the nation towards economic progress, aligning with the National ICT policy, the recently established Innovation Fund, and the forthcoming Startup Bill.

Addressing participants in the 2023 finalists cohort of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Innovation awards, Ministry Permanent Secretary Dr. Brilliant Habeenzu, speaking on behalf of the Minister, reiterated the government’s dedication to supporting youth initiatives as a crucial element in Zambia’s pursuit of economic growth and development. 

This commitment is aimed at generating more job opportunities and fostering prosperity.

Minister Mutati expressed gratitude as he presented awards to the top five finalists of the 2023 ICT Innovation program. He also officially launched the 2023 ZICTA ICT Innovation program, aligning with the government’s vision outlined in the eighth National Development Plan (8th NDP), which prioritizes job creation and wealth generation for the people of Zambia.

Commending the Zambia Information and Communication Technology (ZICTA), Minister Mutati acknowledged the establishment of the ICT Innovation program in 2016. This initiative aims to nurture and support promising technological innovations that provide practical solutions to the country’s challenges. 

He highlighted that, since its inception, the program has successfully supported over five hundred youth innovations from various regions, with a growing number of female participants.

Minister Mutati expressed satisfaction that over thirty percent of these innovations have made their way into the market, contributing to the economic landscape. The government’s commitment to advancing youth-led ICT initiatives underscores its dedication to harnessing innovation for national progress and prosperity.

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