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Emirates Elevates In-Flight Experience with World-Class Wine Selection for 2024

Emirates, the world-renowned airline, is set to redefine luxury travel by unveiling an extraordinary wine list for its global flights in 2024. With a substantial investment of over AED 186 million in the previous year, Emirates has solidified its position as a leader in providing an unparalleled onboard experience.

Boasting the most extensive wine cellar among airlines, Emirates has dedicated facilities in France housing approximately 6 million bottles of fine wine. What sets them apart is their commitment to ageing wines, with some selections planned to be served as late as 2037. 

This investment is part of Emirates’ continuous efforts to enhance the overall travel experience for its passengers.

In the coming months, Emirates plans to introduce an exquisite selection of white Burgundy wines, including prestigious Premier and Grand Crus such as Montrachet 2011, Chevalier Montrachet 2013, and Corton Charlemagne 2014. 

Additionally, passengers can anticipate exceptional red Burgundy wines, primarily Grand Crus like Échezeaux, Clos Vougeot, and Chambertin.

Looking ahead, Emirates aims to feature several First Growths from Bordeaux, sourced from renowned estates like Château Mouton, Château Margaux, Château Haut-Brion, Château Cheval Blanc, and Château d’Yquem. 

This initiative aligns with the Bordeaux Classification of 1855, highlighting the topmost level of quality, price, and reputation.

Emirates currently offers a diverse selection of 36 French wines and Champagnes onboard its aircraft. The airline’s stringent criteria for wine selection involve a detailed process, ensuring the chosen wines excel both on the ground and at altitude. Factors considered include fruit content, acidity, tannin levels, and oak influence. 

The maturity of the wine is equally crucial, with Emirates’ cellar containing wines dating back to the 2003 vintage.

To fulfill its Fly Better promise, Emirates invests in professional facilities in France, where Bordeaux wines undergo aging periods of 8-15 years based on the cabin class. The airline strategically positions selected wines worldwide, ensuring customers can savor them at their peak.

Emirates caters to every cabin class, offering a distinct wine selection updated every two weeks to ensure variety. From Economy to Premium Economy, and Business to First Class, passengers can enjoy exceptional wines curated to suit their preferences.

Since 2006, Emirates has invested over USD 1 billion in its wine program. In 2022, the airline allocated USD 2 billion to enhance the inflight customer experience, including aircraft retrofits, new dining menus, vegan dishes, Movie Snacks, unlimited caviar in First Class, and specialized hospitality training for cabin crew, solidifying Emirates’ commitment to providing an extraordinary journey for its passengers.

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