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President Hichilema Visits Senseli Mine

President Hakainde Hichilema visited the Senseli open pit mine in Chingola earlier today to witness firsthand the ongoing search and rescue operation. 

The President, accompanied by key officials, commended the dedicated men and women involved in the rescue efforts, recognizing their heroic endeavors in the face of numerous challenges.

The visit also served as an opportunity for President Hichilema to express heartfelt appreciation to the family members who have maintained a vigil at the site, patiently awaiting any news about their loved ones. 

The President conveyed deep sympathy and understanding of the anguish they are experiencing during this trying time.

The small-scale miners engaged in these activities are fellow Zambians, and President Hichilema affirmed the commitment of the UPND government to empower them with essential mining skills and equipment. 

This empowerment initiative is designed to ensure safe mining practices and prevent tragic accidents in the future.

Addressing the nation, President Hichilema stated, “In the face of past tragedies, we have set aside our differences and united, working and praying together as one nation under one God.” 

The President emphasized the need for the government and the people to come together to harness the industrious and hardworking nature of the Zambian people, ensuring a secure work environment through stringent safety regulations.

The President concluded by invoking blessings on the rescue teams and extending prayers for strength to the family members facing the challenging and uncertain situation. 

The nation stands united in hope, resilience, and a collective commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens.

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