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State House Meeting Strengthens Economic Collaboration between Zambia and Bank of China

President Hakainde Hichilema hosted a high-level meeting at State House with a delegation from the Bank of China (BOC), led by its Executive Vice President, Mr. Lin Jingzhen, along with the Chinese Ambassador His Excellency Du Xiaohui.

The discussions centered around operationalizing key priority areas mutually agreed upon during President Hichilema’s State Visit to China. 

The meeting aimed to further solidify the Comprehensive Strategic Collaborative Relationship between Zambia and China.

President Hichilema emphasized the importance of leveraging the Bank of China’s financial expertise to enhance Zambia’s economic growth. 

The focus was on supporting and facilitating deeper trade and economic ties between the two nations. Key sectors such as mining, service industry, and inclusive finance were identified as crucial areas for collaboration.

The President highlighted the need to cultivate and develop Zambia’s processing and manufacturing sector, positioning the country as a regional manufacturing hub. The meeting paved the way for concrete steps in implementing these strategic goals.

Mr. Lin Jingzhen, Executive Vice President of the Bank of China, expressed the bank’s commitment to supporting Zambia’s economic development. 

He assured continued assistance in ongoing projects within the country, demonstrating the Bank of China’s dedication to fostering enduring partnerships.

The discussions underscored the commitment of both parties to building on the existing strong foundation of cooperation. 

As President Hichilema works to drive economic growth and development in Zambia, collaboration with the Bank of China is expected to play a pivotal role in achieving these objectives.

This meeting signifies a positive step forward in the diplomatic and economic relations between Zambia and China, reinforcing the shared commitment to mutual prosperity and collaboration.

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