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Access Bank Zambia MD Advocates for Government-Private Sector Partnership to Address Health Sector Challenges

Access Bank Zambia’s Managing Director, Lishala C. Situmbeko, has emphasized the crucial need for enhanced collaboration between the government and the corporate sector to tackle challenges within the health sector, particularly in the essential medicines supply chain. 

The call for collaboration was made during the Pharmaceuticals Society of Zambia (PSZ) Annual Gala Dinner, held under the theme ‘Healthcare and Corporate Collaboration for a Healthy and Prosperous Zambia.’

Mr. Situmbeko acknowledged the primary responsibility of the government, specifically the Ministry of Health, in spearheading healthcare services. 

However, he highlighted the potency of collaboration as a powerful tool for economic achievement and the realization of Universal Health Coverage.

Speaking at the event on December 2nd, Situmbeko expressed enthusiasm about the potential collaboration opportunities between Access Bank and the pharmaceutical industry. 

He emphasized the role of collaboration in pursuing a healthier and more prosperous Zambia, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Managing Director underscored the undeniable link between health and economic expansion, emphasizing that health is a key determinant of productivity and return on labor input. 

Mr. Situmbeko commended PSZ for their active engagement and partnership in the medicines supply chain and the delivery of pharmaceuticals.

Addressing challenges in the essential medicines supply chain, Situmbeko urged all stakeholders to apply collaborative and proactive efforts to improve the delivery of pharmaceutical care. 

He also commended the government for its continued recruitment of health professionals nationwide and highlighted the launch of the Zambia Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Initiative (ZPMI) as an opportunity for strategic partnerships.

Access Bank is set to explore collaborations with key players in the pharmaceutical industry, providing tailored financial solutions to support growth and sustainability.

In response, PSZ vice-president, Mr. Samuel Muyunda, expressed gratitude to Access Bank for the collaboration and conveyed the association’s eagerness for an enhanced partnership with the financial institution. 

The event showcased a shared commitment to addressing health sector challenges through strategic cooperation between the public and private sectors.

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