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Zambia Government’s Pledge for Socio-Economic Inclusivity on International Day for People with Disabilities

In commemoration of the International Day for People with Disabilities, the Zambian government has reaffirmed its commitment to fostering socio-economic inclusivity for persons with disabilities. 

Under the theme “United in action to rescue and achieve the SDGs for, with and by persons with disabilities,” the government aims to prioritize the interests of individuals with disabilities in various sectors of society.

Minister of Community Development and Social Services, Ms. Doreen Mwamba, acknowledged the vital role people with disabilities play in national development and emphasized the government’s appreciation for their immeasurable contributions. 

Ms. Mwamba emphasized the government’s determination to ensure that the needs and rights of people with disabilities are prioritized, recognizing the importance of inclusivity in all aspects of national development.

“As we mark the International Day for People with Disabilities, government’s commitment through the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, to inclusivity and accessibility remains unwavering,” stated Ms. Mwamba.

She emphasized the need for stakeholders to be accommodative, urging that people with disabilities should be incorporated into all facets of national development without facing discrimination or inequalities. 

Ms. Mwamba highlighted the strength of society in embracing the diverse abilities of every individual, calling for collective efforts to remove barriers and promote equal opportunities.

The minister stressed the importance of working towards a future where inclusion is not just a goal but a lived reality for all. She emphasized that achieving this goal requires collaboration and participation from all stakeholders, coupled with prevailing political will.

Ms. Mwamba concluded by calling for unity in diversity, encouraging the recognition of the abilities and valuable contributions of individuals with disabilities. 

She urged breaking down barriers to strive for a world that respects, supports, and empowers every person, fostering a society where everyone can thrive.

The Zambian government’s commitment reflects a global effort to create a more inclusive and equitable society, recognizing the International Day for People with Disabilities as an opportunity to reinforce these principles and promote positive change.

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