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Zambia Advances Clean Energy Future

The Minister of Energy for Zambia, Hon Peter Kapala, delivered a stirring speech at the signing ceremony of GreenCo’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Ilute Solar, a groundbreaking collaboration between Serengeti Energy and Western Solar Power. 

The event, held at COP 28 in Dubai, signifies a major stride in Zambia’s commitment to sustainable energy and economic development.

In his address to distinguished guests, Minister Kapala highlighted the historical significance of the Ilute Solar PV Project in the Sesheke District, emphasizing its role in shaping Zambia’s electricity sector. 

The project, boasting 25MW capacity, aligns with legislative amendments from 2019, showcasing a market-driven approach to financing renewable energy endeavors.

Minister Kapala celebrated the substantial foreign investment of USD 37 million, projecting positive impacts on local economies through job creation and community development initiatives. 

The Ilute Solar PV project not only promises to inject over 80,000MWh of clean energy into Zambia’s national grid but also positions the country as a leader in reducing carbon emissions.

Commending the collaborative efforts of GreenCo, ZESCO, Ilute Solar, Serengeti Energy, Western Power, and the Government of Zambia, Minister Kapala acknowledged ZESCO’s pivotal role in enhancing grid reliability and improving the Sesheke Substation, a move that will positively impact the regional grid.

The Ilute Solar PV Project extends beyond national borders, positioning itself as a significant regional initiative within the Southern African Power Pool. 

Minister Kapala emphasized its contribution to market enhancement and the shared goal of a sustainable future for the Southern African Development Community (SADC). 

The project underscores Zambia’s commitment to regional cooperation and the adoption of sustainable energy practices.

In closing, Minister Kapala expressed gratitude to investors, development partners, and stakeholders for their unwavering support. 

The Zambian Government remains dedicated to endorsing projects aligning with the nation’s objectives for a sustainable and prosperous future.

The Ilute Solar PV Project not only marks a historic moment for Zambia but also signals the nation’s emergence as a key player in the global shift towards clean energy.

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