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Jacaranda Combined School Receives 200 Desks through CDF

Jacaranda Combined School in Lusaka Central Constituency has received 200 desks procured under the 2022 Constituency Development Fund (CDF). The handover ceremony took place at the school, marking a crucial step in providing comfortable seating for students.

During the event, Hon. Mulambe Haimbe, the Area Member of Parliament and Minister of Justice, expressed that the desks would benefit the entire Grade 10 class, accommodating 400 learners. 

He emphasized his commitment to the “No child should sit on the floor while learning” campaign, initially introduced by the President of the Republic of Zambia.

Hon. Haimbe acknowledged the rise in the number of learners due to free education policies, making the distribution of desks a priority to address the urgent need for proper seating arrangements. 

He assured that the remaining 100 desks, completing the 300-desk deficit, would be delivered by March next year, ensuring comprehensive coverage for Jacaranda school.

In addition to desk provisions, Hon. Haimbe disclosed plans for the construction of a laboratory and library at Jacaranda Combined School, both to be funded through the CDF. 

These initiatives align with the broader goal of creating a conducive and well-equipped learning environment for students.

The commitment to addressing infrastructural needs in education reflects the government’s dedication to promoting quality learning experiences and ensuring that students have access to the necessary resources. 

The Public Relations Office, represented by Bupe Kabuswe, issued the statement, emphasizing the ongoing efforts to uplift educational standards in the region.

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