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Zambia Launches 1000 Days Social Cash Transfer Nutrition Pilot Programme to Combat Malnutrition

The Zambian government has taken a decisive step to address the widespread problem of malnutrition affecting children and pregnant women by inaugurating the 1000 Days Social Cash Transfer (SCT) Nutrition Pilot Programme.

This innovative initiative is designed to span the critical first 1000 days of life, from conception to when the child reaches 24 months old, providing targeted financial assistance to vulnerable families to ensure access to nutritious food.

Community Development and Social Services Minister, Ms. Doreen Mwamba, underscored the government’s commitment to addressing the alarming levels of malnutrition in the country and emphasized the devastating impact it has on communities. 

The pilot programme, implemented with support from United Nations initiatives and Cooperating Partners, aims to be a significant intervention in this regard.

Ms. Mwamba stated that since October 2022, the pilot programme has been active, providing cash transfers and nutrition support services to 12,500 households across four pilot districts which include Chipata, Kalabo, Mpika, and Mwinilunga. 

She highlighted the importance of this initiative, noting that it aligns with the government’s moral and social responsibility to combat malnutrition.

The Minister expressed appreciation for the collaborative efforts of the United Nations and other Cooperating Partners, recognizing their crucial role in addressing malnutrition. She emphasized that the 1000 Days SCT Nutrition Pilot Programme represents a substantial step in the right direction.

UN Zambia representative, Mr. Henri Heikura, reaffirmed the UN’s commitment to supporting Social Protection in Zambia. 

He emphasized the transformative power of strong relationships between the UN, the Zambian Government, and other Cooperating Partners, stressing their collective efforts in fostering positive change.

Beauty Lungu, speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, expressed gratitude for the programme, highlighting its potential to ensure that children under the age of two in vulnerable communities grow up healthy.

In a related development, British High Commissioner to Zambia, Nicholas Woolley, announced a significant increase in UK Government funding, contributing over K207 Million towards Zambia’s climate shock response. 

This additional fund complements the UK’s existing financial support for Social Protection in Zambia through the World Bank and the UN, further emphasizing the collaborative global efforts to address critical issues affecting vulnerable populations.

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