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Zambia Initiates Digital National Identity System for Streamlined Services

Zambia is making strides in transitioning from traditional paper-based national identity cards to a cutting-edge Digital National Registration and Identification System. 

The journey began in 2008, gaining momentum in 2019, and finally transitioning into implementation in 2021.

The Integrated National Registration Information System (INRIS) lies at the heart of this transformation, representing a comprehensive legal identity information management system designed to meet the evolving needs of Zambia. 

Developed to seamlessly integrate with other identity-centric systems, INRIS is a Biometric Enabled Digital National Registration and Identification System. 

The system focuses on managing Civil and National Registration processes, setting the stage for enhanced service delivery through digital integration.

The Department of National Registration, Passport, and Citizenship (DNRPC) oversees this monumental project, operating under the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security (MoHAIS). 

The implementation is currently underway in Central and Luapula Provinces, marking the initial phase of a nationwide digital identity transition.

INRIS is poised to revolutionize the way Zambia manages legal identities, promising not only efficiency but also improved service delivery. The digitization of the National Legal Identity is expected to simplify processes and enhance accuracy through biometric authentication.

Zambian citizens in Central and Luapula Provinces are encouraged to take advantage of the ongoing enrollment process to ensure they are part of this transformative shift in identity management. 

The initiative aligns with the broader vision of the Zambian government to embrace digital solutions for more effective governance and public services.

As the nation enters this new era of digital identity management, citizens are urged to stay informed about the enrollment opportunities and contribute to the success of this landmark project.

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