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Zambia Prioritizes Technology in Anti-Corruption Efforts 

Secretary to the Cabinet, Mr. Patrick Kangwa, underscored the critical importance of technology in the ongoing fight against corruption, emphasizing its pivotal role in both public and private institutions. 

Addressing the Integrity Committee Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) Forum at the Mulungushi Conference Centre, Mr. Kangwa emphasized the imperative of leveraging technology to combat corruption effectively in Zambia.

The forum, held under the theme “Preventing Corruption through Implementation of e-Governance and Integration of Government Systems,” emphasized the implementation of various E-government reforms. 

These include the Public Financial Management (PFM) system, E-Government Procurement (e-GP) System, and Integrated National Registration Information System (INRIS). 

The aim is to reduce human interface, minimize corruption opportunities, enhance efficiency, transparency, and accountability in public service delivery, while also reducing corruption-associated crimes.

Mr. Kangwa expressed satisfaction with the increased number of Integrity Committees, which play a crucial role in mainstreaming corruption prevention in routine business operations of both public and private institutions. 

He emphasized that the government attaches great importance to the fight against corruption, demonstrated by its zero-tolerance policy on corruption in all its forms.

Anti-Corruption Commission Director General, Mr. Thom Trevor Shamakamba, stressed the vital responsibility that Chief Executive Officers bear in the fight against corruption. 

He called for greater collaboration, highlighting the government’s resolute ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy against corruption. Mr. Shamakamba urged CEOs to intensify anti-corruption actions at every tier of corporate governance within organizations, limiting the chances for corrupt practices.

The Director General outlined that intensified anti-corruption measures could lead to a reduction in the misuse and mishandling of public funds, prevention of embezzlement, decreased inflated prices for products and services, and discouragement of outright theft of resources. 

The forum concluded with a shared commitment to leveraging technology advancements and fostering collaborative efforts in the ongoing fight against corruption, aligning with Zambia’s dedication to integrity and transparency in governance.

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