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Zambia and China Strengthen Ties Through Twinning Cities Programme

Mr. Zhang Jian, President of the Zambia Chinese Association, extended a friendly visit today to the Mayor of the Greater City of Lusaka, Her Worship, Ms. Chilando Chitangala, to discuss collaborative efforts in the Twinning Cities programme.

The primary focus of Mr. Jian’s visit was to engage in discussions surrounding the Twinning Cities programme, a bilateral initiative fostering cooperation and friendship between Lusaka City and the City of Nan Chang in China. 

The program aims to bridge the gap between the two nations and cities, laying the groundwork for a stronger and more amicable relationship.

A central component of the programme involves the exchange of development ideologies and experiences, symbolizing a commitment to mutual growth and understanding between Lusaka and Nan Chang.

Mr. Jian, during the meeting, announced a tangible commitment from the Zambia Chinese Association. They pledged to maintain a key road off Great East Road, which passes by the outpatient area leading to the residences of Chinese doctors. 

Additionally, they plan to embark on a beautification project, planting 1000 trees and flowers along this road, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and environmental impact.

In a noteworthy proposal, Mr. Jian revealed the association’s intention to formally request the Lusaka City Council to christen the road as “the China-Zambia Friendship Road.” This symbolic gesture, he believes, will serve as a lasting testament to the already strong ties between the two countries.

In response, Ms. Chitangala expressed gratitude for the association’s commitment and assured Mr. Jian of the City Council’s dedication to fostering collaboration between the two cities. 

She emphasized the potential for the Twinning Cities programme to significantly contribute to the development and bilateral ties between Lusaka and Nan Chang.

Ms. Chitangala welcomed the initiative, stating that the twinning cities programme would not only strengthen diplomatic relations but also play a pivotal role in fostering ties and promoting mutual development between the two cities. 

The collaboration is poised to mark a positive stride towards enhanced bilateral cooperation, cultural exchange, and shared prosperity.

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