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Malawi and UN Forge $1.7 Billion Partnership for Sustainable Development Goals

The Government of Malawi and the United Nations (UN) have inked a groundbreaking five-year cooperation framework, committing a substantial $1.7 billion (equivalent to about K3 trillion). 

The partnership, encapsulated in the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for Malawi 2024-2028, aims to expedite the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and address Malawi’s national development priorities.

The signing ceremony, held on Thursday afternoon, was attended by key figures including Colleen Zamba, Secretary to the President and Cabinet, and UN representative in Malawi, Rebecca Ada Donto. 

Zamba expressed optimism about the transformative impact of this collaboration, emphasizing that it signifies not an end but a promising commencement towards meaningful change in the years to come.

Zamba reaffirmed the Malawian government’s unwavering commitment to the Cooperation Framework. During her address, she acknowledged the dedicated efforts of the Government of Malawi and the UN country team, who collaborated extensively over the past year to craft a comprehensive roadmap aligning with Malawi 2063 and medium-term development plans.

The cooperation framework delineates integrated solutions across four priority areas that demand sustained collaboration: sustainable, diversified, and inclusive economic growth; strengthened institutional governance; sustainable investments in human capital development; and climate change adaptation and environmental sustainability.

UN representative Rebecca Ada Donto expressed confidence in the positive impact of the framework, particularly in realizing Malawi’s 2063 agenda. She highlighted key areas such as education, health, and climate change adaptation that stand to benefit from the partnership. 

Donto disclosed that the framework has already secured approximately $600 million, underlining the initial momentum towards its ambitious objectives.

The agreement reflects a collective commitment to uplifting the lives and prospects of all Malawians, addressing challenges comprehensively and fostering a path towards sustainable development. 

The cooperation framework serves as a testament to the shared determination of Malawi and the UN to tackle pressing issues and build a brighter future for the nation.

Source: Malawi24

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