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Government Urges Strict Monitoring of Agricultural Inputs in FISP Program

The Zambian government has issued a directive for the Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA) to intensively monitor vital components like fertilizers and seeds, to safeguard the integrity of agricultural inputs within the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP).

During a recent courtesy call on the provincial administration in Central Province, Kabwe District Commissioner Lennox Shimwambwa emphasized the critical need to scrutinize the quality of farming inputs. 

He underscored the active role Kabwe is playing in the FISP program and stressed the importance of monitoring inputs to prevent legal issues for business owners. The overarching goal is to ensure farmers receive authentic, non-counterfeit inputs, particularly fertilizers.

Ian Mupeta, Chairperson of the ZCSA Board, echoed the government’s commitment, expressing the agency’s readiness to support producers in Central Province and across the nation in meeting required standards. 

Mr. Mupeta outlined the agency’s support strategy, aiming not only to facilitate local market access for producers but also to assist in penetrating international markets.

He additionally appealed to the business community in Central Province, urging early engagement with Zambia compulsory standard officers in their production processes. 

This, he explained, would provide the necessary guidance and knowledge on good manufacturing practices. Established under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, and Industry, ZCSA commenced operations on January 1st, 2018, with a mandate to administer, maintain, and enforce compulsory standards for public safety, health, consumer protection, and environmental preservation.

Godfrey Chitambala, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Central Province, emphasized the need for serious enforcement to enhance compliance. He extended his well wishes to ZCSA for success in their endeavors in Central Province and the broader country. 

The Mr. Chitambala emphasis on quality assurance in farming inputs underscores government’s dedication to supporting farmers and ensuring the sustainability of the agricultural sector.

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