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Proudly Zambian Expo 2023 Launched to Showcase Local Excellence

The Proudly Zambian Expo 2023 was officially launched at East Park Mall by the Acting Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Hon. Charles Milupu MP. The expo, scheduled from 21st to 23rd November, stands as a highlight of the activities dedicated to Manufacturers Month.

Addressing the attendees on behalf of the Minister, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise Development, Mrs. Subeta Mutelo highlighted the government’s commitment to supporting the manufacturing sector and local producers. 

Mrs. Mutelo emphasized ongoing interventions aimed at strengthening local value chains, fostering increased utilization of local resources, and enhancing the participation of Zambians in the economy.

President of the Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM), Mr. Ashu Sagar, expressed his enthusiasm for the expo, describing it as a demonstration of Zambia’s ability to produce high-quality products deserving of recognition. 

The expo, he noted, serves as a platform to showcase the diverse range of locally manufactured goods.

The Proudly Zambian Expo is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry and the Zambia Association of Manufacturers. It is a key component of the Proudly Zambian Campaign, complementing the private sector’s initiatives.

During the launch, the Permanent Secretary toured various stands at the expo, engaging with exhibitors and gaining insights into the showcased products. 

The expo is not only a testament to the vibrancy of Zambia’s manufacturing sector but also an opportunity for local businesses to connect with consumers and stakeholders.

As the expo unfolds, it is expected to provide a platform for networking, business promotion, and a deeper appreciation of the diverse and high-quality products originating from Zambia. 

The event aligns with the broader vision of fostering economic growth, supporting local businesses, and promoting a sense of national pride in Zambia’s achievements in the manufacturing arena.

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