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Government Reaffirms Commitment to Children’s Rights on World Children’s Day

Community Development and Social Services Minister Ms. Doreen Mwamba reaffirmed the government’s dedication during the National Commemoration of the 2023 World Children’s Day in Lusaka. 

Under the theme ‘Renewing our promises for children’s rights,’ Minister Mwamba highlighted the tangible steps taken to ensure the well-being and development of the nation’s youth.

The minister underscored the government’s dedication through initiatives such as the recent enactment of the Children’s Code Act No. 12 of 2022, the introduction of a free education policy, the implementation of the re-entry policy, and the development of the Child Participation and Safeguarding Frameworks. 

These measures collectively aim to create an environment where children can thrive and reach their full potential.

Minister Mwamba called for collaboration among all stakeholders, emphasizing, “Together we can mold our children into responsible citizens and create a better future for our children.”

UNICEF Zambia Country Representative Ms. Penelope Campbell echoed the commitment, assuring the government of continued support in addressing challenges affecting children in Zambia. 

She emphasized the importance of providing platforms for children to express their views on various issues, stating, “Elevating their voices is essential to helping them overcome barriers they face daily in their intellectual, relational, and emotional development.”

Nataizya Sinyola, speaking on behalf of the children, demanded accountability for children’s rights, emphasizing the need for a society where every child is given the opportunity to grow and develop.

World Children’s Day, celebrated annually on November 20th, serves as a global acknowledgment of achievements made in child rights and a platform to address critical issues affecting children’s lives. 

This year’s regional celebrations in Walvis Bay, Namibia, from November 17th to 20th, present an opportunity for the region to renew promises for children’s rights, align with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and ensure that no child is left behind.

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