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President Hichilema Advocates for Global Partnerships and Investment at Saudi-African Summit

During the First Saudi-African summit held in Riyadh, Zambia’s President Hakainde Hichilema delivered a compelling address, highlighting Zambia’s abundant natural and human resources and calling for increased global partnerships and investments.

President Hichilema emphasized Zambia’s potential as an investment destination, citing its arable land for agriculture, favorable climate for renewable energy projects, and the welcoming nature of its citizens for fostering joint ventures in various economic sectors, including tourism.

Addressing the audience, President Hichilema urged Saudi Arabia and other global partners to consider Zambia’s enabling business environment, expressing the hope for joint ventures that would benefit both investors and Zambians. 

He reassured his fellow citizens that the government is committed to upholding these friendships and fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

During the summit, President Hichilema also took the opportunity to call for global peace, pointing out ongoing conflicts such as the ones between Russia and Ukraine and Israel and Gaza. 

He emphasized that lasting peace is essential for global economic development, stating that “instability anywhere is instability everywhere.”

President Hichilema’s address conveyed Zambia’s commitment to maintaining strong diplomatic ties, especially with Saudi Arabia. 

He expressed optimism that these partnerships would yield fruitful results for the Zambian people.

In pursuit of economic development, President Hichilema highlighted Zambia’s strategic location as land-linked, providing easier trade and investment opportunities.

He emphasized the need for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to inject capital into the country, ultimately creating job opportunities for Zambia’s youth and women.

Concluding his address, President Hichilema thanked the citizens of Zambia for the opportunity to serve and expressed confidence in overcoming current economic challenges. 

He invoked a sense of hope, stating, “It is darker before dawn,” and affirmed his belief in Zambia’s ability to overcome and thrive.

As Zambia looks forward to strengthened global partnerships and increased foreign investments, President Hichilema’s vision for a prosperous and stable Zambia resonates with citizens and international stakeholders alike.

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