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FNB Zambia Launches FNB Foundation and Donates K1 Million to Upgrade Kalikiliki Health Post

First National Bank (FNB) Zambia has introduced the FNB Foundation, an independent entity created to amplify the bank’s corporate social impact. 

In a statement issued by Karen Gombo Adams, the Brand and Communications Manager at FNB Zambia, the FNB Foundation’s initiatives will revolve around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and extend beyond FNB’s core business, aiming to contribute to a better world.

During the launch, Mr. Richard Mazombwe, Chairman of FNB Zambia’s Board, emphasized the bank’s commitment to being a part of the solution to the societal challenges in Zambia. 

He stated that FNB Zambia intends to collaborate with stakeholders, including the government, global development organizations, and non-governmental organizations, to support the communities in which it operates.

As part of this initiative, FNB Zambia has pledged to allocate 1% of its annual Profit After Tax to dedicated projects across the country. 

Mr. Mazombwe revealed that FNB Zambia plans to work closely with various stakeholders to create sustainable impacts, including a Staff Volunteer Program that matches employees’ self-driven projects with a K1 for K1 contribution.

In a significant announcement, FNB Zambia has committed K1 million to upgrade the Kalikiliki Health facility, which currently serves over 200 patients daily. 

This initiative is a collaboration with the Ministry of Health and addresses the need for a maternity wing, improved outpatient facilities, electricity, clean running water, and enhanced security for the facility.

Mr. Bydon Longwe, CEO of FNB Zambia, stated that the bank aspires to be a responsible corporate citizen, expanding its reach beyond Lusaka to rural areas. 

Their efforts will extend beyond the healthcare sector to include environmental sustainability, water and sanitation, education, innovation, infrastructure development, and other focus sectors within the sustainable development goals.

Mr. Longwe further disclosed that the FNB Foundation operates as an independent entity with its own Board of Trustees, ensuring responsible fund management and alignment with selected pillars of support. 

He emphasized that beneficiary selection will be a rigorous process adhering to established principles, and the Foundation’s focus areas are guided by the SDGs, with a primary emphasis on Education, Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure, Water and Sanitation, and Climate and Clean Energy.

Furthermore, he highlighted FNB Zambia’s commitment to societal impact through the FNB Foundation, reflecting their dedication to creating a better Zambia, transcending profit-making to contribute to lasting positive change.

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