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Zambia’s High Commissioner to the UK Reassures Zambians of Government’s Focus on Economic Rebuilding

In a series of meetings with Zambian expatriates residing in London and Scotland during Independence Day celebrations, Zambia’s High Commissioner to the UK, Macenje Mazoka, conveyed a message of optimism and government commitment. 

In a statement issued by Speedwell Mupuchi, Zambia High Commission First Secretary – Press,   Zambia’s High Commissioner to UK, Macenje Mazoka assured the Zambian diaspora that the government is dedicated to the task of rebuilding the nation’s economy, with a primary focus on job creation and improving the lives of its citizens.

High Commissioner Mazoka highlighted the increasing investor confidence in Zambia’s economy, describing it as being at an all-time high. 

She emphasized that this, coupled with the expansion of constituency development funding (CDF) in all 156 constituencies, is providing the nation with the rejuvenation required for progress.

“But we must work together, especially if we are going to meet our goal of becoming a middle-income country by 2030,” she noted.

The High Commissioner underlined that the enhanced CDF will play a vital role in promoting equitable development at the local level, allowing each constituency to utilize resources for community development through local engagements. 

This approach shifts the leadership dynamic from top-down to a spoke-wheel model, ensuring that each area has an opportunity to thrive.

Furthermore, High Commissioner Mazoka praised the strong collaboration between Zambia and the United Kingdom, particularly in areas related to poverty reduction, green economic development, and support for governance and democracy. She also acknowledged Scotland’s support for Zambia’s education sector.

She emphasized that President Hichilema’s government views the diaspora as an integral part of the country’s identity, stating that it is Zambia’s “11th province.” The government is committed to inclusive development and creating a just and fair society that leaves no one behind. 

High Commissioner Mazoka called upon patriotic Zambians to actively participate in addressing development challenges by contributing to the People’s Participation and Public Finance Management (PPPF) process.

She further urged Zambians living abroad to serve as goodwill ambassadors for their homeland and be active participants in the responsible development of the country.

The High Commissioner’s message sought to strengthen the bond between the Zambian diaspora and their home country, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose in Zambia’s journey toward economic recovery and prosperity.

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