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Coach from Green Buffaloes Women’s Football Club Enhances Skills through CAF Course

Beauty Mwamba, coach of Green Buffaloes Women’s Football Club, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming a CAF Instructor. This accomplishment highlights the Football Association of Zambia’s (FAZ) dedication to improving football development.

Mwamba’s journey to become a CAF Instructor involved completing a high-level coaching course with coaches from various parts of Africa in Rabat, Morocco. The 8-day course, which started on October 18, focused on modern coaching techniques and strategies.

Having recently earned her CAF A coaching badge, Mwamba emphasized the importance of the course in keeping her updated on the latest trends in football. She highlighted its focus on creating better learning environments for both players and coaches.

“The knowledge I gained from the course is meant to be shared with other coaches to raise the level of football in our country, region, and Africa. Emphasizing modern technology, like video analysis, is something we need to promote in our game,” Mwamba explained.

Mwamba’s journey reflects FAZ’s commitment to nurturing coaching talent in Zambia. As a member of the Technical Study Group (TSG) at COSAFA tournaments, she has consistently contributed to football development. Her participation in the COSAFA Zonal Instructors Course paved the way for her to attend the continental course in Rabat.

She expressed her gratitude to FAZ and Green Buffaloes for supporting her coaching career since 2008. She also thanked COSAFA and CAF for giving her the opportunity to undergo instructor training, which she earned through her participation in the COSAFA Zonal Instructors Course held in Johannesburg in 2020.

Mwamba’s achievement demonstrates the progress of football development in Zambia and underscores the importance of investing in coaching talent to raise the sport’s standards in the nation and across Africa.

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