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SEPA and Action Aid Zambia Join Forces to Raise Environmental Awareness in Northwestern Province

Save the Environment and People’s Agency (SEPA), in collaboration with Action Aid Zambia, recently initiated a comprehensive awareness and advocacy campaign in the Zambezi and Manyinga Districts of North Western Province. 

The primary goal of this campaign is to empower citizens with knowledge about their rights regarding a clean environment, the significance of sustainable natural resource management, and the imperative concept of climate justice.

The campaign serves as a wake-up call, reminding people that a lifeless environment will not sustain life, emphasizing the urgent need for environmental preservation and protection.

SEPA and Action Aid Zambia have taken a proactive approach to reach the local communities, particularly women and youth, who play vital roles in addressing environmental issues. The engagement with these key stakeholders happens through community meetings, where the message of environmental responsibility and the importance of climate justice is conveyed.

According to Mailes Muke (Mrs), Chief Executive Officer of Save the Environment and People’s Agency, “Our campaign is designed to empower citizens with knowledge and awareness about their right to a clean environment. It’s not just about protecting our surroundings; it’s also about safeguarding our future. We believe that by working with the communities, especially women and youth, we can create a stronger and more sustainable approach to environmental preservation.”

This initiative has already garnered significant attention in the region, with communities eager to participate and play an active role in environmental conservation. 

The combined efforts of SEPA and Action Aid Zambia aim to bring about positive change, ensuring that the rights of the people to a clean and sustainable environment are not only acknowledged but upheld.

As the campaign progresses, it is expected that more individuals in North Western Province will become aware of their environmental rights and responsibilities, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

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