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Zambia’s MDC Applauds Progress and Urges Unity on 59th Independence Day

On the occasion of Zambia’s 59th Independence Day, the leadership and structures of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) have released a statement celebrating the nation’s progress and addressing current issues facing the country. 

Ambassador Joyce Musenge, the Acting Secretary General of MDC, commended the strides made since gaining independence from colonial rule in 1964.

Ambassador Musenge noted Zambia’s transition from colonialism to a one-party state and its current status as a multi-party democracy, emphasizing the importance of upholding democratic principles. 

The theme for this year’s Independence Day celebration, “Accelerating National Development Through Equitable Distribution of Resources,” was described as timely, given recent changes in government.

The statement commended the Zambian government for implementing decentralization initiatives, such as increasing the distribution of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and devolving certain government functions to the local level. 

These measures have led to a more equitable distribution of resources and accelerated development. However, Ambassador Musenge urged authorities to strengthen measures against revenue leakages, acknowledging the potential for individuals with dubious intentions to exploit the system.

The MDC emphasized the importance of unity and called on Zambians to reflect on the sacrifices made by the nation’s forefathers and freedom fighters during the 1964 independence struggle. 

The motto “One Zambia One Nation,” championed by founding President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, was highlighted as a guiding principle for the country.

Addressing the issue of tribalism, Ambassador Musenge expressed concern about the divisiveness it has caused. 

The MDC firmly asserted that all Zambians should feel a sense of belonging to the country without fear of intimidation based on tribal or political affiliations. Unity and prosperity were emphasized as crucial elements in preserving Zambia’s progress.

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