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Minister of Green Economy and Environment Launches Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicles

The Minister of Green Economy and Environment, Eng. Collins Nzovu, MP, delivered an important speech during the launch of Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicles by CFAO Motors Zambia. 

The event took place on the evening of October 19th, 2023, at East Park Mall, Lusaka.

The gathering saw the presence of numerous dignitaries, including Cabinet Ministers, the Mayor of the City of Lusaka, Madam Chilando Chitangala, Permanent Secretaries, His Excellency, Ambassador Takeuchi Kazuyuki of the Empire of Japan, His Excellency, Ambassador Francois Goldblatt of the Republic of France, and other esteemed guests.

Eng. Collins Nzovu expressed his honor to be part of this launch, which marks a significant milestone for Zambia’s green economic agenda. 

He conveyed his appreciation to CFAO Motors Zambia for their initiative, emphasizing that the introduction of Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicles is an admirable endeavor to promote environmental sustainability and a green agenda.

Climate change is a reality that cannot be ignored, and it necessitates collective responsibility and lifestyle changes. 

The Minister acknowledged the importance of reducing carbon emissions and adopting a lower carbon footprint, and he highlighted the Toyota Corolla Cross and RAV4 Hybrid Electric Vehicles as steps in the right direction.

He thanked CFAO Motors Zambia for supporting the government’s green economy initiative. Nzovu also addressed the need for shared responsibility in managing the environment and the challenges that may arise from green initiatives. 

He assured the government’s full support through the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment.

Moreover, the Minister announced that the Minister of Finance and National Planning, Hon. Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane MP, included tax incentives for hybrid electric vehicles in the 2024 budget, making eco-friendly transport more affordable and economical for Zambians.

Eng. Collins Nzovu concluded by expressing the government’s commitment to lead and create a favorable environment for sustainable development and a green agenda in alignment with the UPND manifesto and the Eighth National Development Plan. 

He encouraged other motor dealers to follow this initiative and provide hybrid electric vehicles to the masses, reinforcing Zambia’s journey toward a cleaner, healthier future.

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