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Malawi Signs K2.4 Trillion Agreement with China for Comprehensive Rail Network Construction

The Malawian Government has inked a historic agreement with the Chinese Government, committing 2.4 trillion Kwacha to the construction, electrification, and signaling of an extensive rail network in Malawi.

Jacob Hara, the Minister of Transport and Public Works, proudly represented the Malawian government as he signed the 2 billion Euros (equivalent to K2.4 trillion) agreement during the 3rd Road and Belt Forum in Beijing, China.

Minister Hara highlighted the project’s paramount objective: the rejuvenation of Malawi’s long-neglected rail network. This project not only positions Malawi as a vital transport link to Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but is also anticipated to substantially reduce cargo and passenger transport costs, fostering economic growth.

Hara underscored that this initiative will play a pivotal role in complementing the recently inaugurated Nacara Port Corridor, which is set to enhance Malawi’s regional transportation significance.

The colossal project is slated to span five years, characterized by a three-phase implementation approach. The first phase is dedicated to the revitalization of the Nkaya-Bangula Route in Nsanje.

The second phase will facilitate the connection from Nkaya to Mtchinji, with the route passing through Salima and Kanengo in Lilongwe. The final phase will create a crucial connection, linking Lilongwe to Mbeya, Tanzania, via the Northern region.

Beyond the expansion of rail infrastructure, the project encompasses the construction of modern train stations and inland ports. It also involves the procurement of state-of-the-art trains and significant improvements in Malawi’s rail signaling, passenger communication, and ticketing systems.

This ambitious venture marks a significant milestone in Malawi’s commitment to enhancing its transport infrastructure and connectivity, ultimately fostering economic development and regional integration.

This story has been adopted from Malawi24.

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