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NAQEZ Executive Director Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree in Leadership Management

GEPEA University, a prominent European international apex university, has conferred an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) h.c. in Leadership Management upon Mr. Aaron Chansa, the Executive Director of the National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ).

In a statement issued by Eng. Chibwe Mulenga, NAQEZ Board Chairperson, Chansa’s certificate reads, “Be it known that Dr. Aaron Chansa, having complied with all the requirements of the University, is hereby awarded Honorary Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) h.c. in Leadership Management.”

The Board of NAQEZ extends warm congratulations to Mr. Chansa for this remarkable achievement. In addition to this honorary doctorate, Mr. Chansa holds a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and Management and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration and Development.

GEPEA University’s recognition of Mr. Chansa with the highest academic honor, the Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy h.c. (Honoris Causa) in Leadership Management, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to quality education in Zambia. 

Throughout his tenure, Mr. Chansa has been a resolute advocate for quality education and has played a pivotal role in establishing NAQEZ as a highly respected and trusted organization, both locally and internationally.

Under Dr. Chansa’s leadership, NAQEZ has emerged as a prominent voice for teachers and learners, striving to enhance the quality of education in Zambia. 

This accolade acknowledges his extraordinary leadership and dedication to the betterment of humanity, serving as a motivating force for Mr. Chansa and NAQEZ to continue their vital work in advancing education.

Eng. Chibwe Mulenga in a statement notes that while we celebrate Dr. Chansa’s numerous personal accomplishments and the prominent role NAQEZ plays in Zambia and abroad, it is crucial to recognize the ongoing challenges within the education sector. 

Many teachers still await upgrades, confirmation in permanent positions, suitable housing, and access to affordable loans for their socioeconomic needs and personal investments. 

Beyond the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), the government, which has demonstrated commitment to education, must seek additional funding sources to address the shortage of desks and classroom space in the country.

NAQEZ  extends its congratulations to Dr. Aaron Chansa and further express its gratitude to the government for increased funding for education, particularly in schools. 

However, NAQEZ  anticipates continued financial support for the education sector and the development of a transformative school curriculum that will facilitate Zambia’s sustainable progress.

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