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 A 70-Year Old Man  Passes Away During An Intimate Encounter

In Mulanje town, Malawi, a serious incident unfolded as an elderly man, identified only as Lemon Walama, met a tragic end while engaged in a sexual encounter at a local resthouse. 

Walama, a 70-year-old security guard at the establishment, suffered a fatal cardiac arrest during the act.

Mulanje Police Spokesman, Sergeant Innocent Moses, provided insight into the incident, explaining that the elderly gentleman had been in the company of a female companion. 

In an attempt to enhance his performance, Walama had chosen to use medication commonly prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Regrettably, during their intimate interaction, Walama experienced a sudden cardiac arrest that proved to be fatal. Local law enforcement swiftly responded to the scene and transferred his body to Mulanje District Hospital.

Upon conducting a postmortem examination, medical authorities confirmed that the cause of death was indeed cardiac arrest. 

This unfortunate incident echoes a similar case in 2020 when a man in Phalombe district, Malawi, met his demise due to a ruptured blood vessel in his brain during a sexual encounter.

The local community is left in shock by this unexpected loss, and our thoughts go out to the family and friends of Lemon Walama during this challenging time.

This story has been adopted from Malawi24.

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