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UPPZ Leader Challenges UPND Government to Subsidize Mealie Meal Prices

Charles Chanda, the leader of the United Prosperous And Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ), has urged the UPND government to implement subsidies for mealie meal prices across the board, ensuring uniformity. 

Chanda criticizes the government for favoring campaign funders and South African companies like ShopRite at the expense of the Zambian people.

Chanda contends that using the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to produce affordable mealie meal is a form of subsidy, but he accuses the UPND government of mishandling the economy to appease their backers. 

He emphasizes the disconnect between those in power and the daily struggles of Zambian families to put food on the table.

Chanda emphasizes that the issue goes beyond cheap mealie meal; it’s about providing all Zambians with access to affordable, high-quality food. 

He argues that the government’s inaction is worsening the already challenging conditions faced by many citizens.

Chanda’s call for action comes amid a rising cost of living in Zambia, with many individuals facing financial difficulties. 

He urges the UPND government to prioritize the welfare of the people and take concrete measures to address these concerns.

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