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Copper Recovery and Multiple Arrests in Lusaka

In a recent operation conducted by the Lusaka Police, seventeen copper bars and armoured copper cables were successfully recovered in the Chinika industrial area on October 12, 2023, around 16:00 hours. 

In a statement issued by Danny Mwale, Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, this significant breakthrough was the result of a tip-off received by police officers.

Upon receiving the tip-off, law enforcement officers swiftly acted on the information and uncovered the concealed properties hidden inside one of the garages. 

Two male individuals, aged 26 and 47, were subsequently arrested and detained on charges related to the possession of property suspected to have been stolen. 

As of now, the two suspects remain in custody, and a manhunt is underway to locate the owner of the garage.

Simultaneously, in an effort to combat a series of thefts and theft from motor vehicles plaguing the city, the Lusaka Police, working in collaboration with members of the Neighbourhood Watch Association, conducted a targeted operation in the Kafue roundabout and Downtown areas. 

The operation took place on October 12, 2023, between 18:00 and 20:00 hours, resulting in the arrest of eight male suspects, all aged between 17 and 39.

The eight individuals are allegedly connected to a spate of crimes involving the snatching of valuables, including cellular phones and laptops, from motorists and pedestrians during rush hours. 

All the suspects have been detained in police custody while investigations into their activities have been intensified.

The Lusaka Police are committed to maintaining law and order in the city and will continue their efforts to ensure the safety of the community.

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