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Zambian 2024 Budget  Focus on Poverty Reduction and Critical Sectors

The 2024 National Budget clearly reflects its alignment with the aspirations of the Zambian people, particularly in its focus on poverty reduction.

In a statement issued by Mr. Spuki Mulemwa, a Social Justice and Human Rights Defender, this budget allocates increased resources to critical social sectors such as education and healthcare, effectively addressing the needs of the population.

Additionally, the agricultural sector receives substantial resources to combat the rising cost of living, with a particular emphasis on sub-sectors like maize production aimed at stabilizing mealie meal prices.

Therefore, suggestions from certain segments of society advocating for resources allocated to free education and an expanded Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to be redirected towards subsidizing mealie meal prices are misguided. 

The resources allocated to the agricultural sector are deemed sufficient, especially as they are geared towards critical sub-sectors like maize production to ensure stable mealie meal prices.

Furthermore, diverting resources meant for free education and the CDF would deprive citizens of the evident benefits derived from these initiatives, which is not in the best interest of the Zambian population.

It is expected that all patriotic citizens will lend their support to the government’s 2024 budget, recognizing that it is designed to enhance their well-being by significantly reducing the poverty levels that many are currently grappling with.

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