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Police Discover Fake Fertilizer Scam in Lusaka

In a major development, the police have exposed a clever scheme involving the making and selling of fake fertilizer. This breakthrough comes after a concerned member of the public shared vital information with the authorities on September 28, 2023.

In a statement issued by the Police Deputy Spokesperson Danny Mwale, responding swiftly to the tip-off, police officers conducted an operation targeting an Agro Shop situated on Freedom Way in Lusaka’s Central Business District. During this operation, the officers confiscated a substantial quantity of suspected counterfeit fertilizer—specifically, 60 bags, each weighing 50 kilograms. Additionally, an individual linked to the Agro Shop was apprehended.

After thorough questioning, the arrested individual cooperated with the police, leading them to another location referred to as SOS. There, an astonishing discovery was made: 250 bags, each containing 50 kilograms of suspected counterfeit Compound D Fertilizer. The owner of a well-known fertilizer company operating in the vicinity was also taken into custody.

To verify the authenticity and composition of the confiscated fertilizer, the police have prudently sent samples to the respected Mount Makulu Research Center for comprehensive analysis.

Both suspects involved in this counterfeit fertilizer operation are presently in police custody, awaiting further legal procedures.

This incident underscores the police force’s dedication to safeguarding public well-being and economic interests. It also underscores their commitment to combating deceptive practices that can harm agriculture and the wider economy.

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