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Emirates Celebrates International Coffee Day with Exceptional Coffee Offerings

In anticipation of International Coffee Day on October 1st, Emirates Airlines shines a spotlight on its remarkable selection of artisanal coffees served in Emirates lounges and aboard flights to 140 destinations globally.

Emirates annually serves over 17 tonnes of coffee onboard and collaborates with renowned suppliers like Lavazza, Coffee Planet, the Nairobi Coffee and Tea Company, and numerous independent coffee producers worldwide. 

During meal services, Economy and Premium Economy passengers receive coffee once or twice during their flight, while Business and First Class passengers enjoy an on-demand coffee menu offering a wide array of choices, including decaffeinated coffee, cappuccino, iced Americano, espresso, macchiato, and Arabic coffee with cardamom and saffron. 

Lavazza beans, known for their notes of walnut and maple syrup or cocoa and black pepper, are used for these premium coffees. Coffee aficionados can also savor an affogato al café dessert, where espresso is poured over creamy ice cream.

A key partner in this coffee journey is UAE-based Coffee Planet, with a decade-long collaboration to craft special occasion coffees. Coffee Planet sources green beans from over 23 countries, meticulously roasting and producing coffee beans and ground coffee, along with manufacturing biodegradable capsules in Dubai. Emirates and Coffee Planet also collaborate on crafting bespoke drinks for special occasions, such as the rose-kissed mocha or orange crush latte for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

In First and Business Class, Emirates proudly partners with Lavazza coffee, an Italian coffee brand with a rich heritage dating back to 1895. In the First Class lounge at Dubai International Airport’s Concourse B, Emirates offers a dedicated coffee counter where customers can choose from three single-origin coffee blends freshly prepared by a barista.

The selection changes every two months, allowing regular travelers to experience coffee from around the world. For instance, Colombia Huila Buenavista offers a juicy and silky-bodied coffee with cacao nib-like finish, floral notes, and hints of apricot, grapes, blackberry, and grapefruit. Burundi Nyagishiru features a mild fruity aroma, a smooth finish of milk chocolate, brown spice, caramel, and stone fruit, with tart acidity and velvety texture. Brazil Sao Vale Do Sol is a medium-bodied coffee with a mild fruity aroma, citrus acidity, and notes of grapefruit, vanilla, almond, and chocolate with a clean finish.

Emirates cabin crew receive specialized coffee training, where they learn about coffee’s origins, different blends, and the art of making the perfect cup for each customer. Cabin crew are evaluated on their preparation and presentation of Emirates’ signature Arabic coffee. 

First Class passengers enjoy their coffee in Royal Doulton fine bone mugs or cups, while Business Class passengers savor theirs in fine bone china mugs. Emirates maintains stringent water quality standards, ensuring the water used for coffee is safe and potable.

Coffee’s rich history traces back to the ancient coffee forests of Ethiopia, where legend has it that a goat herder discovered coffee beans’ stimulating effects when his goats became unusually energetic after consuming them. By the 15th century, coffee had found its way to the Arabian Peninsula, becoming an integral part of the culture. 

The world’s first coffeehouses emerged in the Middle East, and coffee’s irresistible aroma and stimulating properties soon spread to Europe and beyond, leading to the establishment of coffee plantations in the Americas. Today, coffee is a cherished and globally adored beverage.

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