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Rising Criminal Activities Spark Concern in Malawi: Government Takes Action to Address Security Challenges

In recent days, Malawi has witnessed a disturbing surge in criminal activities, encompassing murder, violent armed robbery, street crimes, house burglaries, and vehicle break-ins. These incidents have been reported not only in Lilongwe but also in major towns and cities across the nation. Within just five days, three horrific murder cases have shaken the country.

This concerning situation has compelled the Public Affairs Committee to convene a meeting where the Minister of Homeland Security and the Inspector General of Police will address the nation regarding these escalating security challenges. To provide reassurance, the Malawi Police have issued a press statement, indicating that they are making significant progress in apprehending the culprits responsible for these heinous crimes.

On Sunday, September 24, 2023, In Lilongwe, at approximately 15:00 hours, the lifeless body of a missing woman was discovered with stab wounds, found behind her motor vehicle in area 47.

On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, around 06:00 hours, a 37-year-old Sales Manager working for Coca-Cola Beverages in Lilongwe was found dead in his car in area 15. The victim had severe head injuries, leading the police to suspect that he may have been murdered elsewhere, with his car abandoned at the scene.

Also in Dowa, on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, at approximately 06:00 hours, a 27-year-old man was discovered submerged in a well at Mponera. Police suspect that the man may have been murdered elsewhere and then placed in the well.

On Monday, September 25, 2023, around 06:00 hours, a motorbike taxi operator was assaulted and robbed of his bike and cash by unknown criminals at Chinsapo Township in Lilongwe. The victim was left unconscious by the roadside.

In another incident, on Sunday, September 24, 2023, around 07:00 hours in area 25, Lilongwe, unidentified assailants assaulted an employee of Central Poultry Company Ltd, robbing him of the cash he was carrying. The victim remains in critical condition at Kamuzu Central Hospital.

While there is no specific indication that UNSMS personnel and their dependents are being targeted, it is imperative for UNSMS personnel and their dependents to remain vigilant and adopt heightened personal security measures due to the heightened threat of opportunistic crime and residential robberies.

In light of these concerning developments, The Department of Safety and  Security urges the Malawian citizens strongly urge all members of the UNSMS (United Nations System in Malawi) to take immediate precautionary measures to enhance personal safety and security. First and foremost, The Department says it is crucial to maintain a constant state of vigilance and remain acutely aware of your surroundings at all times. This heightened security awareness is essential in safeguarding yourself and those around you.

Additionally, it is imperative to implement practical steps to minimize risks. This includes avoiding parking vehicles in areas that may be considered insecure and always ensuring that vehicle doors are locked and windows fully raised when driving. Furthermore, exercise caution by refraining from offering rides to unfamiliar individuals and by keeping residential doors and windows securely locked. 

The Department of Safety and  Security urges the Malawian citizens to consider reinforcing residential security by installing iron grills on windows and main doors, and make a concerted effort to address any areas of darkness on your property by maintaining well-lit compounds during the nighttime hours. Reducing potential hiding spots by trimming overgrown vegetation inside your compound is another vital measure to enhance safety.

When venturing into town, be prudent by avoiding carrying large sums of money and concealing wallets to avoid attracting unwanted attention. It is advisable to avoid walking alone at night whenever possible. Lastly, keep valuable items out of sight in parked vehicles, either on your person or securely stowed within the vehicle’s interior. In the unfortunate event of a robbery, prioritize non-resistance and cooperation, as this approach can potentially save lives.

The Department of Safety and  Security urges the Malawian citizens to bear in mind that personal safety is a collective responsibility, and adhering to these precautions can contribute to a safer environment for all. Stay safe and remain vigilant.

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