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Muchinga Provincial Permanent Secretary Emphasizes Responsible Use of Grants for Cooperatives 

Henry Mukungule, the Permanent Secretary for Muchinga Province, has emphasized the responsible use of grants provided to cooperatives through the Constituency Development Funds (CDF), especially by the youth in the province.

According to a statement by Mr. Mushota, the Public Relations Officer for Mpika Town Council, Mr. Mukungule highlighted that the grants allocated under the 2023 CDF are a consideration from the government. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that they are utilized wisely for the benefit of the cooperatives and the communities they serve.

Mr. Mukungule expressed these sentiments during his visit to the Pharez Youth Multipurpose Bakery in Mpika District. This bakery produces over 80 loaves of bread daily, which are sold to residents of Kamwanya. He was pleased to see that the grants received were being used for their intended purpose.

Norman Chiluba, the Chairperson of the cooperative, informed the Permanent Secretary that they applied for a 40 thousand kwacha grant through the 2022 CDF allocation. This grant enabled them to acquire a bakery machine, and as a result, the cooperative has been able to create employment for four individuals through their business.

Additionally, the Permanent Secretary inspected several completed projects in various wards of Mpika District and urged Mpika Town Council engineers and experts to consistently monitor these projects.

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