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ZEMA Approves Two Organic Fertilizer Blending Plants in Lusaka Province

The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) has granted approval for two Organic Fertilizer Blending Plant projects in accordance with the Environmental Management Act No. 12 of 2012 and the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations (Statutory Instrument No. 28 of 1997).

According to a statement by Maxwell Nkoya, the Acting Director-General of ZEMA, both projects are slated to be established in Chilanga District of Lusaka Province. Malcut Investments Limited and Golden Horse Investments are the respective companies behind these projects, with a total investment of US$2,000,000 and US$1,000,000. These fertilizer projects aim to produce organic fertilizer using materials like chicken manure, vegetative waste, black soil, molasses, and sawdust.

The production of organic fertilizer will cater to local farmers and support the government’s initiatives to provide affordable and readily available fertilizer for the agricultural sector. Given that Zambia’s economy is primarily driven by agriculture, such efforts have the potential to enhance food security in the country.

During the 7th Extraordinary and 11th Ordinary sessions of the Environmental Assessment Committee of the Board, a total of 106 projects were considered, with a cumulative investment value exceeding USD 243,114,558.37 (equivalent to K5,090,843,163.72).

ZEMA acknowledges and appreciates the support of various stakeholders who actively participated in the Environmental Assessment Process, emphasizing the participatory nature of the process. The agency remains committed to public service in its mission to manage the environment for a secure future.

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