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Urgent Call for K3000 Salary Increase for Zambia’s Teachers Amid Rising Living Costs

National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) has issued a compelling call for the Zambian Government and teacher unions to implement a K3000 across-the-board salary increase for teachers in 2024, considering the escalating cost of living in the country.

Aaron Chansa, the Executive Director of NAQEZ, released a statement today emphasizing the urgency of this matter. With significant rises in the prices of essential commodities and services such as fuel, mealie meal, and transportation, NAQEZ strongly believes that the 10.5% salary increase granted to teachers for 2023 has been eroded by inflation. Therefore, it is imperative for both the government and unions to provide a salary increase for teachers that is either equal to or higher than the rate at which living costs have surged.

Rather than relying on percentage-based salary increases, NAQEZ proposes a flat upward adjustment of K3000 for all employees within the Ministry of Education, regardless of their positions. This approach promotes fairness and equity among teaching staff, as the current system of percentage-based increases primarily benefits those in higher-ranking positions.

Teachers play a pivotal role in Zambia’s development, and it is essential to motivate and support them significantly. Currently, many teachers face considerable challenges, including a lack of professional development opportunities, prolonged periods of acting roles without confirmation, and, in some cases, living in substandard conditions such as grass-thatched houses. The government and unions must lead the way in acknowledging the indispensable contributions of teachers to the nation.

With a K3000 salary increment, teachers would experience improved job satisfaction and would be better equipped to cope with the current economic conditions.

NAQEZ’s call for a K3000 salary increase aims to address the pressing needs of educators and ensure that they receive fair compensation for their invaluable work in shaping Zambia’s future.

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