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Mzuzu University Shuts Down Amid Student Unrest

In response to the recent unrest stemming from the General Assembly for the Face-to-Face Students Association (FAFASA) held on campus yesterday afternoon, Mzuzu University Council has taken the decisive step to immediately close the university. This action is aimed at safeguarding public order and preserving the university’s assets.

All on-campus students have been instructed to vacate the premises by 5:00 AM today, Saturday, September 16, 2023. They have emphasized that no student will be permitted entry into the campus during this closure period.

Details regarding the university’s re-opening date and the conditions for students’ return will be communicated to students in due course.

This decision follows the recent disruption on campus and underscores the university’s commitment to maintaining a safe and conducive learning environment for all members of the university community.

Mzuzu University is one of the principal universities of Malawi. The university is located in Mzuzu City, in the northern region of Malawi.

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