The resolute commitment of President Hakainde Hichilema to enhance the availability of essential medicines and medical equipment in Zambia has garnered praise and underscores the government’s unwavering determination to elevate healthcare service delivery in the country.

During the official commencement of the Third Session of the Thirteenth National Assembly on September 8, 2023, President Hichilema reiterated the government’s dedication to streamlining procurement and supply processes for health commodities. The objective is to improve efficiency and ensure a steady supply of essential medical items throughout the public health supply chain.

The President emphasized, “Government acknowledges that the supply of essential medicines and medical supplies in our health facilities has been inadequate. To address this, we are streamlining the procurement processes for essential medicines and medical supplies…”

ZAMMSA (Zambia Medical Stores Agency), entrusted with the responsibility of procuring, storing, and distributing medicines and medical supplies on behalf of the Government, has expressed its unwavering commitment to facilitating efficient procurement and distribution of healthcare commodities within Zambia.

ZAMMSA’s endeavors align with the broader vision of the government, which is to provide easy and equitable access to high-quality healthcare services for all citizens.

Commissioner Victor Nyasulu, speaking on behalf of ZAMMSA, affirms their dedication to this cause, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on healthcare accessibility and delivery in Zambia.

This commitment by both the government and ZAMMSA represents a significant step forward in ensuring that essential medical resources are readily available to address the healthcare needs of the Zambian population.

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