Emirates Celebrates Oktoberfest with a Flavorful Journey Onboard and in Lounges

Emirates Airlines is raising a toast to the iconic German festival Oktoberfest by offering passengers an authentic Bavarian experience onboard and in select airport lounges. From September 16 to October 3, travelers flying to and from Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, and Frankfurt can savor traditional Bavarian cuisine and immerse themselves in beloved German entertainment.

The Oktoberfest celebration on Emirates flights will feature a Bavarian feast, complete with a starter, main course, and dessert for both lunch and dinner in Economy Class on outbound flights, and in Business and First Class on both inbound and outbound journeys. Passengers can also enjoy Bavarian-inspired bistro bites in the iconic A380 onboard lounge. Furthermore, select world-class airport lounges will serve a variety of classic Oktoberfest dishes, all perfectly paired with Loewenbrau beer.

First and Business Class passengers can relish appetizers such as Obatzda, Emmental and cream cheese with radishes, hard-boiled eggs, and cornichons. Main course options include slow-cooked veal cheeks with braised red cabbage and bread dumplings, or fleischpflanzerl, a succulent minced beef steak served with a medley of accompaniments. Meals will be complemented by a choice of classic Kaiser rolls, Austrian rolls, and garlic bread swirls. For dessert, First Class travelers will delight in Apfelstrudel with a dollop of vanilla sauce, while Business Class passengers can indulge in German Apple Cake drizzled with crème anglaise.

Economy Class passengers are not left out, as they can enjoy roasted chicken with paprika, served with a flavorful jus, potato wedges, and braised red cabbage. A moist apple cake with almonds and vanilla sauce completes the delectable menu.

In the A380 onboard lounge, passengers can nibble on bite-sized Oktoberfest sandwiches, including cream cheese with chives, roasted beef with horseradish, grilled chicken with sundried tomato olive spread, Emmental with gherkins, and pretzels with an irresistible flavor of rock salt and butter. Complimentary pastries feature delights like lebkuchenherzen, pistachio maamoul, cashew and pine nut boukage, chocolate and raspberry brownie, rhubarb tart, strawberry cheesecake, and lemon drizzle cake. As a parting gift, passengers will receive individually wrapped gingerbread hearts adorned with Oktoberfest decorations.

Emirates goes above and beyond with its Oktoberfest offerings in the airport lounges of Munich and Düsseldorf. Passengers can savor dishes such as Käsepätzle (the German version of mac and cheese), made with egg noodles, roasted onions, and Emmental cheese, light bites of Obazda and pretzels, moreish potato salad with parsley, essential pretzels, and flavorsome chicken thighs topped with parsley.

To keep passengers entertained, Emirates’ award-winning inflight entertainment system, ice, offers up to 45 German movies, over 300 Hollywood movies dubbed in German, and a collection of 13 classic Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies available in German, Italian, and English. Music lovers can get into the Oktoberfest spirit with 28 playlists and albums of German music, amidst a vast library of 6,500 channels.

Emirates will be celebrating Oktoberfest onboard its current operations of triple daily flights from Dubai to Frankfurt and double daily flights to Munich, Dusseldorf, and Hamburg. Prost to an unforgettable Oktoberfest experience with Emirates!

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