French Solar Street Lighting Company to Invest in Zambia

Sunna Design, a leading French company specializing in solar street lighting solutions, has announced its ambitious investment plans in Zambia. Leonard Fournioux, the Project Sales Executive responsible for Africa, is set to embark on a four-day working visit to Zambia this September. During his visit, he will engage with key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Energy and the Rural Electrification Authority, to pave the way for the successful implementation of the company’s investment project.

Mr. Fournioux unveiled his investment proposal during a presentation at the Chancery in Paris, where he met with Chrissy Hilweele, the Embassy Chargé d’affaires. He emphasized Sunna Design’s commitment to supporting the Zambian authorities in implementing solar street lighting projects across the nation.

The proposed project aims to provide solar-powered, autonomous, intelligent, and connected public lighting solutions. These solutions will address critical public policy concerns, including access to clean and sustainable lighting and enhancing security in urban and rural areas.

Mr. Fournioux outlined Sunna Design’s readiness to offer technical expertise and the availability of a dedicated finance team. The company intends to collaborate with international financial institutions to create various financial packages to ensure the successful execution of the project.

One of the notable features of Sunna Design’s streetlights is their state-of-the-art monitoring system, Sunnapp. These lights also feature an anti-theft design and boast a battery lifespan of over 15 years, making them highly efficient and cost-effective.

In response to Sunna Design’s investment initiative, Mr. Hilweele highlighted the timing of the company’s interest in Zambia’s renewable energy sector, as the country faces challenges related to electricity shortages exacerbated by the severe effects of climate change. He encouraged Sunna Design to consider forming joint ventures with local partners, which would empower communities and facilitate the transfer of technological skills.

Since its inception in 2011, Sunna Design has been dedicated to establishing itself as a technological leader in the dynamic solar street lighting market. The company is renowned for providing high-quality, reliable, and smart solar street lighting solutions and has successfully installed over 100,000 products worldwide, with a significant presence in Francophone countries.

As Sunna Design advances its investment plans in Zambia, it brings with it the promise of clean and sustainable energy solutions that could significantly benefit the nation, particularly in addressing pressing energy and security needs.

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