ZICTA Takes the Helm: Elected to Lead SADC ICT and Postal Committees

In a significant achievement for Zambia’s information and communication technology sector, the Zambia Information and Community Technology Authority (ZICTA) has been elected as the Chair of the Communications Regulators’ Association of Southern African (CRASA) Economic Regulation Committee. This milestone was reached during the recently concluded Committee Meeting held at the prestigious Taj Pamodzi Hotel.

This remarkable feat comes just weeks after Zambia, represented by ZICTA, was elected as the Vice Chair of CRASA’s Consumer Committee, further highlighting the nation’s growing influence within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) regional Association of Postal and ICT regulators.

In the wake of these elections, Zambia, through ZICTA, will now hold the position of Chair for the CRASA Economic Regulation Committee and Vice Chair for the CRASA Consumer Committee for the next five years. These appointments signify the tremendous confidence that the SADC region places in Zambia’s ICT and Postal regulator, ZICTA.

As Chair and Vice Chair of the Economic Regulation Committee and Consumer Committee, respectively, Zambia is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the course of regional ICT and postal development over the next half-decade. This strategic leadership position will empower Zambia to drive initiatives, promote regulatory cooperation, and foster collaboration among SADC member states.

ZICTA’s election to these vital leadership roles is a testament to the organization’s commitment to advancing the digital landscape in the region. It reflects the recognition of Zambia’s expertise and dedication in the fields of information and communication technology and postal services.

In accepting these new responsibilities, Zambia reaffirms its commitment to enhancing the accessibility, affordability, and quality of ICT and postal services across the SADC region. The nation looks forward to working collaboratively with fellow SADC member states to usher in a new era of digital growth and connectivity.

Zambia, represented by ZICTA, stands ready to lead the charge in promoting regulatory excellence, innovation, and the development of robust digital ecosystems within the Southern African region.

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