Emirati Women Empowerment Takes Center Stage in UAE’s Thriving Aviation and Travel Industry

Dubai, UAE, – The Emirates Group, a leading aviation and travel conglomerate, commemorated the remarkable achievements of Emirati women who have carved their niche in the dynamic aviation and travel sector, thereby bolstering the UAE’s economic landscape. The organization underscored the indispensable role of Emirati women in fueling the nation’s ambitions and progress during a special event held at its headquarters.

The event unfolded as a grand celebration of diversity, creativity, and achievement, featuring an array of activities such as music performances, a networking session, and a panel discussion showcasing a mosaic of inspiring women from diverse backgrounds and professions. Esteemed guests and employees engaged in thought-provoking dialogues that highlighted the transformative power of Emirati women’s contributions.

Kicking off the event was a captivating panel discussion, where trailblazing women shared their personal journeys, reflecting on the hurdles they conquered and the successes they achieved. Among the panelists were Nayla Al Khaja, a pioneering Emirati film writer, director, and producer; Diana Wilde, the Co-founder of Aurora50; and Hend Al Rumaithi, a distinguished Senior Director at Group Internal Audit and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer at ENOC. Adding a touch of cultural flair to the event, Shamsa Al Jasmi, the UAE’s first female Emirati Oud player, graced the audience with her soulful performance, captivating hearts and minds.

Underscoring its commitment to fostering the growth of Emirati women leaders, the Emirates Group revealed that nearly 40% of its Emirati workforce comprises women. Impressively, over 180 women hold leadership positions within the Group, effectively contributing to strategic decision-making across various businesses and functions. The Group’s initiatives extend beyond mere numbers, encompassing mentorship programs and practical training that empower Emirati female professionals. Prominent leadership programs, including the Rolls-Royce Leadership Programme and GE Aviation Programme, play a pivotal role in nurturing future women leaders. Additionally, the Group’s collaboration with the INSEAD Women Leaders Programme facilitates the creation of formidable global networks for Emirati women in senior roles.

Earlier this month, the Emirates Group solidified its commitment to gender equality by becoming a launch partner for NOORA, an ambitious women’s networking initiative by Aurora50. By joining forces with the UAE Gender Balance Council, the Group further underscored its dedication to propelling female representation and equal opportunities, thereby facilitating the advancement of women’s careers across diverse sectors.

The growing and diversified talent pool of Emirati women plays a crucial role in driving the UAE’s continued growth and global standing. Notably, the Emirates Group recently welcomed its first female Emirati pharmacist and nurse, both emblematic of the dedication and zeal that characterize Emirati women professionals in the aviation sector and beyond. These women contribute their expertise across various domains, including innovation, technology, auditing, and fleet management, reaffirming their commitment to the nation’s economic progress and stability.

Embracing this year’s Emirati Women’s Day theme, “We collaborate for tomorrow,” the Emirates Group aligns with the UAE’s “Year of Sustainability.” Both initiatives underscore the collective pursuit of innovative solutions for a sustainable future. As a testament to this alignment, the Group’s Emirati workforce remains steadfast in their support for the UAE’s sustainability agenda and the organization’s business objectives in the realms of sustainability and technological innovation. Demonstrating its global commitment, the Emirates Group’s female Emirati professionals have actively engaged in the United Nations Global Compact’s Target Gender Equality accelerator program, which seeks to redefine corporate benchmarks for women’s representation and equitable compensation in business.

With Emirati women at the forefront of the aviation and travel industry, the UAE soars to new heights, driven by their prowess, dedication, and unyielding commitment to shaping a prosperous future.

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