ZIM Engages ZNBC to Foster Marketing Compliance

The Zambia Institute of Marketing (ZIM) conducted a productive engagement with the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) on August 24, 2023. The purpose of the meeting was to familiarize ZNBC with the provisions of the new ZIM Act and its associated expectations.

The meeting brought together high-level representatives from both organizations, including ZNBC’s Director General Berry Lwando, Director of Engineering Bright Nkaka, Legal Director Reuben Kajokota, Director of Programmes Ngenda Kamayoyo, Director of Human Resource and Administration Maxwell Phiri, and Acting Director of Marketing Gertrude Sapele. The ZIM delegation comprised of Registrar & CEO Lute Lungu Mwelo, Chief Inspector Mapesa Musongole, Dr. John Mapulanga, and Cynthia Chisha Chabala.

Mr. Musongole, an Inspector from ZIM, highlighted ZNBC’s pivotal role as a stakeholder in facilitating the dissemination of vital information to the general public. He underscored the importance of engaging formally trained and registered marketing professionals in the corporation. Compliance with the ZIM Act’s requirements was emphasized for both employees and employers.

During the interaction, the Inspectorate team acknowledged ZNBC’s existing compliance efforts and its willingness to collaborate with ZIM on marketing-related matters. The Registrar & CEO, Mrs. Mwelo, conveyed that following this sensitization campaign, the Institute would intensify its inspection activities. She expressed enthusiasm for fostering compliance within various organizations and underscored that the ZIM Act No.2 of 2022 is legally binding, mandating all professional marketers to adhere to its provisions.

Mr. Musongole emphasized that associate members are expected to undergo professional conversion examinations within a three-year period after their admission.

The Director General of ZNBC extended gratitude to the ZIM team for providing insight into the ZIM Act. He assured his full support and voiced optimism about nurturing the ongoing partnership between ZIM and ZNBC.

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