Major Drug Trafficking Network Busted in Lusaka: 40 Kilogrammes of Amphetamine Seized

In a significant breakthrough, the Drug Enforcement Commission in Lusaka has successfully dismantled an organized drug trafficking network operating within the country. This operation has resulted in the arrest of a Zambian national and the confiscation of a substantial quantity of illicit substances.

The Commission’s efforts have led to the apprehension of 29-year-old Timothy Muchindu, who has been charged with Trafficking in Psychotropic Substances as per section 15 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act No. 35 of 2021 of the Laws of Zambia. Muchindu was apprehended during a meticulously executed operation at one of Lusaka’s shopping malls.

The seized substance, weighing a total of 40 kilogrammes, has been identified as amphetamine. Amphetamine is classified as a psychotropic substance and is listed under the third schedule of the aforementioned Act. Notably, amphetamine is widely known for its potential as a drug of abuse and its highly addictive properties. Often produced in concealed laboratories primarily located in Europe and Asia, the illicit substance is smuggled into Zambia through the efforts of organized criminal networks.

This particular seizure of amphetamine stands as the largest in the history of the Drug Enforcement Commission. However, it has also raised concerns within law enforcement circles due to the emergence of a new trafficking trend. The apprehended amphetamine is suspected to have been smuggled from its point of origin to East Africa before ultimately reaching Zambia. This emerging trafficking route underscores the evolving tactics employed by international drug syndicates.

The Drug Enforcement Commission has assured the public of its vigilant stance in addressing the illicit drug issue within the country. Collaborating with both local and foreign law enforcement agencies, the Commission remains steadfast in its proactive efforts to curtail the activities of drug traffickers and safeguard the well-being of the nation.

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