Chinese-Owned Company HeHe Investments Limited Creates Jobs and Adds Value to Local Resources in Zambia

Lusaka, Zambia – The Lusaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has expressed its admiration for HeHe Investments Limited, a Chinese-owned company that is making significant contributions to job creation and value addition in Zambia. HeHe Investments Limited, established in 2018 and operational since 2020, specializes in manufacturing artistic furniture using discarded wood, thereby promoting sustainability and conservation.

Gideon Chibuye, the Vice President for Trade and Manufacturing at LCCI, commended HeHe Investments Limited for its innovative approach to value addition. In an interview, Chibuye highlighted the company’s efforts to utilize local resources to manufacture furniture, which not only adds value to the discarded wood but also generates employment opportunities for the Zambian population. By transforming discarded materials into artistic furniture, HeHe Investments Limited is playing a role in local economic growth and environmental conservation.

Chibuye emphasized that the company’s practice of not sourcing raw materials outside Zambia but instead utilizing discarded wood which aligns with the concerns of various stakeholders in the country. This approach not only helps preserve the environment by avoiding tree cutting but also contributes to the circular economy by transforming waste into valuable products.

Yongliang Wang, the Manager of HeHe Investments Limited, provided insights into the company’s operations. He mentioned that the company has already created 22 jobs for local individuals skilled in carpentry, who craft the discarded wood into artistic furniture pieces. The company’s efforts were recognized at the recent Agricultural and Commercial Show, held under the theme “Inclusive Economic Transformation.” The exhibition attracted a diverse range of customers, including Skale Wood, which made a substantial purchase of furniture worth K40,000.

Yongliang Wang conveyed the potential for further job creation and economic impact, underscoring the importance of government support to expand the company’s reach. HeHe Investments Limited aims to tap into international markets, and with appropriate support from relevant government ministries, its products could find a place in the global arena.

The commendation from the Lusaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the growing recognition of HeHe Investments Limited’s contributions highlight the significance of value addition and sustainable practices in Zambia’s business landscape.

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